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Our office happily accepts most insurance policies that do not prohibit who you can see. This includes most PPO plans. There is a huge variety in dental insurance plans so please feel free to call or email and we will do our best to find out the particulars of your plan.

We take care of submitting all information and collecting the payments from the insurance companies on your behalf; we just ask that you pay your estimated portion. In the case of any overpayment we promptly refund any money that you are due.

We have many options for payment: cash, credit card, checks, and also outside financing with many 0% interest plans. We do our best to make the dental care you need affordable.

We know that insurance and cost issues are among the most important in dental care and we do our best to do make sure there is no confusion.

To contact our Insurance Specialist: CLICK HERE

To apply for financing options click below:


To make a payment with your Care Credit card, simply click the link below.